HSSTUDiO Love Buzz - PE - Polyurethane Core | Epoxy Laminate - 5  6 - FCSII 3

HSSTUDiO Love Buzz - PE - Polyurethane Core | Epoxy Laminate - 5 6 - FCSII 3

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Name: Noah Matet
Signature: Noah Matet
Model: Love Buzz
Technology: PE - Polyurethane Core | Epoxy Laminate
Length: 5 6
Width: 18.25
Thickness: 2.25
Volume: 23.84
Foam Density: PE Standard
Lamination: PE Standard
Fin Style: FCSII
Fin Count: 3
Fin Color: black
Artwork: Base Color - Veil - Dusty Teal
Finish: Standard
Logo Style: HS Standard
Logo Color: Black
Logo Position: Position 2

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