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A Model Overview To Everyones Favourite Twin-Fin; The MISC.

With the southern hemisphere summer simmering on the horizon, our minds are wandering, strategizing ways to combat days plagued with crowds, howling onshores, consistently inconsistent swell and tight windows during the after work hours, hunting that ever-elusive bank. And whilst our comrades in the northern hemisphere are verging on colder climes' - they too need to face facts that winter doesnt always present the most ideal wave riding conditions. To get to the point, we all need a board that can be relied on for a good time - no matter the swell, tide or wind.

Enter stage left... the MISC.

The MISC was designed with one sentiment in mind: you shouldn’t have to compromise your surfing to ride a twin-fin. As in, your surfing shouldn’t have to look like you’re on a twin, even if you are on one.

We wanted to design a twin to progress your surfing - not dumb it down. The MISC. is an extraordinary twin (or 2+1) that will actually ride like your thruster — top to bottom — but you’ll be flying around the wave with that drag-free twin fin feeling. Astoundingly drivey, super-quick and loose above the lip when searching for release; the MISC. is the team favourite and now available for those wanting that elusive performance twin.

The following clip lets you relish in the speed of Nate Tyler, Jake Kelley and Dylan Graves sessions whilst gaining a quick insight as to how and why this model works as it does...

Shop the model in both FutureFlex and PU construction.