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Haydenshapes is a performance surfboard, wetsuit and contemporary ready-to-wear brand founded IN 1997 by Hayden Cox in Sydney Australia. 

Haydenshapes is a performance surfboards, wetsuit and contemporary fashion brand founded by Hayden Cox and based in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles California. The Haydenshapes brand DNA at its core connects to the fundamental product in which the industry and lifestyle of surfing exist; the surfboard. A signature, our patented parabolic carbon fiber frame surfboard construction ‘FutureFlex’ - a significant design contribution to surfboards globally having both influenced and pave way for modern innovation across the category.

Known for a contemporary and high end approach to design and construction, non typical to our peers, the Haydenshapes brand is synonymous for multi faceted design led collaboration inspired by but not limited to surfboards. This has included a large scale cast resin architecture collaborations including  the award winning ‘Gallery Shop’ resin installation with Akin Atelier for The Art Gallery of NSW’s  SANAA designed Sydney Modern wing in 2022. Other innovative design projects include resin furniture, continued collaboration with long time brand muse Craig Anderson along with art projects with Daniel Arsham, KITH, HS Rubber by Dion Lee, The Woolmark Company and Alexander Wang among others.  

Our future forward is sustainability. Our method is materiality, waste reduction and exploring ways to re-engineer greener methods for creating.




Explore our projects including limited edition Haydenshapes collaboration releases along with unique design commissions and material explorations with brand founder, Hayden Cox.