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Dear customers,

As many of you might know, over this past weekend my Haydenshapes custom surfboard factory and showroom in Mona Vale was burned down in a fire. You can read more in my post here. We’re so grateful to everyone who has reached out with kind messages and support. It’s meant a lot to my family, my team and I. 

Regarding business operations, our studio office and warehouse building next door was not majorly impacted in the fire. As we process the damages and losses that took place and the affected orders and inventory, we’re thankful that we can still continue to trade.  Our warehoused product available online at can be processed and will continue to be packed and shipped daily out of our warehouse locations in Australia and USA. 

I’ve made surfboards in Mona Vale for 25 years and can’t thank my customers and retailers both within Australia and all around the world enough for giving me the opportunity to do what I love and continue to create through Haydenshapes. We’ve weathered many storms in the past two decades as an independent brand and I’d like to think we have more great experiences and milestones still ahead of us. Australia and the world has been so badly impacted by fire catastrophe in recent times and nothing will ever compare to the loss of people, wildlife, homes, habitat and communities. Amongst the many emotions of this event taking place, it’s important to have perspective and appreciate where we’ve been so fortunate in a sad situation.

Our retailers and customers are everything to us and your support over this period means a lot.

A huge thank you to NSW Fire, Rescue, Police and Ambulance crews; the neighboring businesses on Tengah Cr, our staff, surf industry and fellow surfboard manufacturers who’ve got in touch, the local Northern Beaches community and everyone around the world who’s reached out.

- Hayden Cox, Founder