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A little while ago we collaborated with our friends over at FCS and designed a fin together, the FCS ii X HS, which we often refer to as the reptile fin due to it’s unique look and feel. During this process, Hayden sat down with FCS and My Surf TV and talked tech, the HS brand and specifically FutureFlex which was designed and patented by Hayden back in 2007. Thanks to the global popularity of the Hypto Krypto, most commonly built in this tech, many would say that FutureFlex sparked an recent trend with an influx of new technologies hitting the market with the key ingredient –  carbon fibre. A decade sure flies by right?

Surfboard constructions and tech is a topic on tip of the surfing world’s tongue at present and for good reason… Its sure pays to learn and understand board materials and how they affect and influence performance and function.

In the clip below, Hayden talks FutureFlex – the surfboard industries carbon fiber original and pioneering player in progressive and innovative constructions.



Oh.. and those fins? Here’s a little refresher… Grab a set here.