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For an individual entering his mid teens, when it comes to taste in music and understanding what a personal brand represents in todays world, Australian Central Coast’s Oscar Langburne is beyond his years. It was around this time last year that we introduced Osc to the Haydenshapes team and since then we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him and his family, what feels best beneath his feet, and what psyches him up most about surfing.

At some point over the past year, Give the people what they want, take this boy to Indo, deliver us the feature he deserves!” was aptly put to us. Thus, and in good time, we ventured over to Bali and Sumatra with Osc and film maker Dan Scott and a diverse quiver from single fins to twins and his favourite Untitled FutureFlex. He talks more about his boards in the interview below. In the mean time, enjoy “Elegia”.




Oscar Langburne’s recent trip to Indo with a colorful quiver that practically sing while they surf. But what would they sing?…

When you talk about “one of a kind,” the Central Coast’s stylish screw-foot, Oscar Langburne, (and young HS teamrider) fits the bill. With an impeccable taste for the musical throwbacks of the 80s, Oscar’s often riding boards with inspiration plastered across the bottom, as if tuning into, say, Ian Curtis or Patti Smith’s art while he surfs. On a recent trip to Bali and Sumatra, he took a fresh selection of shapes (nothing over 5-foot!) with an icon glassed into each sled. Oscar tells us what they sounded like…



Haydenshapes: So on this trip, where exactly were you in Indonesia?

Oscar Langburne: I spent about 10 days in Bali and then 10 days in Sumatra.


Unreal. And, what do you love the most about Indo?

I mean, I just love how different it is over there. It’s amazing how much they live off compared to how much we live off. Like, what we eat in a week is what they eat in 6 months! Really puts things in perspective, you know? But the people, they’re just so cool and, of course the surf all over the country is epic. Then, Sumatra is maybe how Bali was 20 years ago.




It looked like you had a proper range of new boards to sample in such good surf; what exactly are we watching you ride?

Yeah, for sure! Bali was pretty small besides the last few days, but we did get a really good right-hander up the coast where I got to ride my 4’6” Untitled with Ian Curtis of Joy Division on the back. That board is just soooo good in waves anywhere between 1-4-foot. I rode it like 80% of the time over there [laughs].

Then I rode a newer Holy Grail for the trip, which I think worked much better this time because it had less volume. For instance I rode it at Bingin, and the Grail just goes so well in sucky, slabby waves. It’s super fast. That’s a 4’7” with Hope Sandoval on the back.

I rode a Black Noiz, which is my step-up. I rode that when it was a bit bigger. That one has Amy Winehouse on the back and I rode my White Noiz in Sumatra heaps when the waves got good at Krui Lefts. That one’s got Deborah Harry on the back and is my standard shortboard, what I rode most of the time when it was good in Sumatra. It’s one of my favourite boards from Hayden, for sure.

I rode my 4’5” Hypto Krypto when it got a bit bigger on a long lefthand point in Sumatra, too. It went really sick, so smooth. It’s really surprising how well it holds in bigger, bowly waves. Even though it’s 4-inches shorter than my regular shortboards, it goes so well in bigger waves.




Lucky dog, you! About each board’s musical icon…do you feel like each one brings something to each board? Like, you’re somehow channeling some energy from the image on each one?

Yeah, you know, I’ve been doing this with my boards for years now. They’re just artists that I look up to, I guess. But, yeah I definitely think they add something to the boards for me. They really make the boards extra special, I think and since it’s just an image on tissue paper, they don’t even add weight to the boards.


If you had one song playing in your head by each of these artists on each board…what would it be?

I’d say on the Amy Winehouse: “Back to Black.” For the pink White Noiz with Deborah Harry, I’d say: either “Hangin on the Telephone”  or “The Tide is High.” For the Hold Grail with Hope Sandoval, I’d say: “Fade Into You.”  For the one with Robert Smith, probably “Cold.” The one with Ian Curtis on the Untitled, I’d say “Insight.” The twin fin with Patti Smith, I’d say, “Free Money.” And the single fin with David Bowie…aw, I couldn’t pick just one, there’s so many [laughs].



Geez, I thought I’d stump you with that. Lastly, any advice for groms following your freesurf path in the surf world?

I’d say, just be yourself, don’t be a follower. Surf the way you want to surf, do what ya want and just have fun surfing. Don’t overthink stuff, just be a good person and get out there and surf!



Photography by Amber Mozo.

Oscar’s complete quiver for this trip included:

Hypto Krypto FF 4’5 x 17 9/16 x 2 – 16.91 L

Holy Grail FF 4’7 x 17 1/4 x 1 15/16 – 15.93 L

Cannon Single Fin 4’10 x 17 1/2 x 2 1/8 – 19.22 L

White Noiz 4’9 x 16 5/8 x 1 15/16 – 15.95 L

Misc. Twin Fin 4’5 x 17 5/8 x 1 15/16 – 16.58 L (coming soon).

Untitled FF 4’6 1/2 x 17 x 1 7/8 – 15.79 L

Black Noiz 4’11 x 16 5/8 x 1 15/16 – 16.39 L