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Earlier this year Dion and Craig travelled to New Zealand planning to put the Holy Grail through its paces…

“It’s kind of a funny one. Craig and I went to New Zealand on a little swell, and we didn’t really get the best waves. You usually can’t tell that in a film, because they always show just the very best clips, so if you were to watch FTP you might think the surf was super fun, but I can assure you it was not. 

So we surfed for a few days down there and came home not feeling especially motivated, which led to us sitting on that footage for ages. But we’d been meaning to do this edit on the Holy Grail for Hayden—that was the whole reason we went down there, to film on the Grail—so I just started fucking around with the clips, and as I started going through it, I realized there was actually somewhat of a little vibe in there. 

And also, it’s Craig. I feel like I could just watch Craig do nothing on a wave and it’s still sick. So I thought, if people want to watch Craig and see how this board goes, maybe they’d be down to watch it even if the waves are average.” 

Read the full interview now up on STAB here.


Watch the film below or Download the high resolution version here. (You can even reach out to Dion when you download it)



Craig Anderson and Dion Agius

Shot: Dave Fox

Edit : Dion Agius

Locations: Zew Zealand