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Hypto Krypto Twin: A Haydenshapes Team Film


Words: Matt Payne

It's not every day the cards stack in your favour. However, in the case of our latest team project Hypto Krypto Twin, everything miraculously came together. The surf gods who preside over the ocean and all bodies of water decided to bless us for this mission. The biggest south swell of the California summer was heading right towards us; travelling at a similar velocity was a fresh batch of team Hypto Krypto Twins straight from the factory in Mona Vale. As per any pre-arranged surf trip with many moving variables, the cliche questions surrounding the project started circling in our heads, Would the hyped swell eventuate? Would the boards make it to the team on time...?

The team all made the trip from various locales. We wanted to assemble the US crew for some old-fashioned team trip vibes. Shama took a red-eye from Jamaica. Warren emerged from a dark night in LA. Dylan just got back home from Puerto Rico. Nate van-lyfed it from Cambria, while Micky and Jake spot-checked their way down from Venture. Everyone converged to one central zone to post up for two days with the common goal of surfing their brains out.

In tow were photographer Claire Murphy and water videographer Nate Leal; it was a solid crew and the good times were imminent. There was even a decent food joint with post-surf burritos, bagels, burgers and beers right across the street from our honey pot. We were all systems go.

Our fortuitous circumstances saw the boards and fins landed the same day the swell arrived. Hitting the ground running, we assembled like Voltron and lucked into pumping beach break barrels and a perfect rippable left with a ramp at the end. 

It was almost too good to be true? It was random and cool how everything was going our way. Was it the fact that we had to ride alternative twinnies without a middle fin in these pumping conditions? Was all of our luck for the next surf trip getting taxed in one swoop right here?  

Given the circumstances regarding just how good the surf was, the boys were chomping at the bit to ride proper thrusters in the ideal conditions. However, the universe had other plans, we were assembled for the Hypto Krypto Twin edit and this is how it was meant to be. Let the chips fall where they may. 

The waves came to us and we brought the team edit back with a vengeance! Jake and Nate went left for left, ollieing with every feathery end section. Dylan and Micky were in tune with their backhand flow. Shama and Warren found old and new lines, with style to burn. It was rad to come out of the pandemic and have the gang together in one place stronger than ever. For two days we scored, the team pushing the surfing limits of what you'd typically expect from a twin fin, the accompanying 5+ minutes of footage as evidence. 

As Jake put it, " get pumping waves with the team and actually feel a part of a 90’s or 2000’s esq, team trip was rad! Surfing all day, every day, then finishing with some suds on the beach is how every team surf trip / video should be."

We couldn't agree more.

Some may say we lucked out with this trip. 

Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune. 

May the next time we hit the road as a team we score more all-time sessions followed by all-time team vibes, beers in hand.





"I was so excited when I got word that Hayden was whipping together an official HK TWIN with my name on it! It is the outline I have been waiting for. The team all met up and we had a blast; we got a solid run of south swell and we all got to figure out how to ride our twins in some juice, haha. The board was mega responsive and was insanely fast, the best addition ever to my little lineup of boards!"



"The Hypto Krypto Twin is a fun model. I haven't ridden too many fishes, so I didn’t know how it was going to go, however, it ended up handling really well in solid waves. The board has super good speed control and is loose in the tail."



"It was amazing to be able to join the Haydenshapes crew in California for testing the new HK Twin! After taking the board back home to Jamaica it’s the only board I want to be on. This board has the ability to transform average conditions into memorable sessions."



"Putting the HS bat signal up for the whole team to sample the new HK Twin model felt so right. It was rad seeing each person's interpretation of riding the board. And just damn good to see everyone and hang! I miss the team trips/ meetup. It was rad to feel like the States are slowly getting back to normal, hanging and surfing with everyone on a really fun model. I'm excited to have this board as an option in the HS quiver moving forward as I really enjoyed it."



"To be honest I was a little suspect of the HK Twin board, as I don't usually like classic style twin fins. But man this thing freaking shreds. I literally ride it almost every day now. It's fast and drivey as hell, and goes rail to rail similar to a regular shortboard. I love this little doozie, and it's really pretty looking too."



The HK Twin video was one of the most fun videos I’ve been a part of in a long time.. to get pumping waves with the team and actually feel a part of a 90’s or 2000’s esq, style team trip was rad! Enjoying an insanely fun surfboard and hanging with your friend is exactly how this project turned out. Watching how everyone approached riding the HK Twin fin in good waves was rad.



Directed / Edited / Produced: Matt Payne
Cinematography: Matt Payne, Nate LealLayne Stratton and Jason 'Mini' Blanchard
Photography: Claire Murphy
Animation: Subgenre Studios