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In modern vernacular, a Cohort is spoken of in reference to a colleague or companion. The more historical and comprehensive breakdown of the term relates to a tactical military unit equal to one part of a Roman legion (ie. army). 

In actuality, both definitions pair perfectly with what we set out to achieve with this model. It's a performance board thats just like a trusted friend - accompanying you anywhere, to surf all conditions. And at the same time is an absolute warhorse, ready to go to battle when the conditions turn on. We've coined it 'the all-purpose soldier for your quiver'.

The COHORT collection will eventually feature six varying models, designed for performance - yet each in a different genre of board style. Each will also be built in the industry standard of traditional PU (ie. Polyurethane Polyester Laminate) construction. The COHORT__I is our staple shortboard to the line-up, featuring a balanced volume distribution throughout, putting performance and sensitivity at the forefront of the models design whilst still allowing for easy paddling.

For added strength & durability; we've taken manufacturing waste from fibreglass and our FutureFlex carbon offcuts then compressed this into the heel and toe patches for the model's tail. Whilst this may only be a slight move torward being more environmentally sound in our manufacturing processes, its the beginning of new advancements for HAYDENSHAPES in figuring out methods to upcycle and repurpose what usually goes to landfill, into quality products. 

"I rode this board in waves between 4 to 6ft the entire time, since where we camped this past winter was hit with swell constantly and it didnt really get much smaller. Its just a great, all rounder. Perfect amount of drive and response!" - Ando

"Seriously loving the COHORT! Surfed it mostly at home over summer in typical crappy California conditions, then took it to Waco to ride the pool and was really surprised that it could work there too.... like, it had a tonne of buoyancy and pop - but then its good for turns. Finally rode it when a decent swell hit Ventura and id have to say its now my go-to" - Micky

Ando, sky high and wind-assisted. Photo: Mitch Imgraben

Micky Clarke, new stick stoke. Photo: Logan Rauhut

With a medium to deep single to double concave generating alot of lift for the board in typical everyday conditions, this also delivers all the control that is needed to surf on-point when the waves light up.

Shop the COHORT__I in traditional PU construction here