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"This style of shape was a request from Craig earlier in 2020, to surf in average waves - as well as on the bigger days whilst being stuck at home. It's flatter rocker makes it a really great paddler; able to catch almost anything, whilst the double stringers make it super lively" - Hayden

Photo: Nathan Henshaw

The Mid Length Glider has been the latest addition to Craig Anderson’s quiver.

Designed as a nod to its nostalgic heritage, this model has been tuned to bring a balanced gliding feel, yet with contemporary features allowing for performance and drive in almost any conditions.

Using refined yet neutral rails assists in keeping this mid length quite a friendly board to ride. And the rolled entry flowing into a slight double vee out the tail maintains zip and responsiveness, whilst the generous foam in the deck makes for an overall easy paddler. The Glider's magic is mostly noticed when getting into the wave early, finding a high line and generating trim speed quickly - assisting it to fly down the line and get around or up and over sections. Whilst the dual plywood stringers enhance the full length stiffness (ie. speed); your wave riding benefits from the increased drive and liveliness!

When it comes to bigger waves and open faces; the hard rail leading through the rear and out of the rounded pintail will react and give the board its necessary bite when its needed. In turn, allowing you to find your course, riding the wall from top-to-bottom and drive more arc'ing turns. 

Photo: Nathan Henshaw

Keeping in mind that a fin set up can really alter how a board rides; we recommend trying the HS 2+1 by Futures for this model. These particular fins are highly unique and versatile, designed specifically for use with both the Glider, plus the original Haydenshapes Plunder model. If your preference is a single fin only, using just the 7" centre fin will give you flow with plenty of pivot, during your turns.

To create a little extra speed and hold, your best option is to add the sidebite fins to give it the blend of a thruster feel with the traditional single fin setup. 

*For Glider's sized at 6'7 (x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 - at 39.5L) choose the HS Futures 2+1 at 6" - whilst for sizes 6'10 and up, the Futures 2+1 at 7" will give you the speed and stability you're looking for. Shop the fin set ups here.

Made in original PU construction - the industry-wide classic combination of plywood stringered/polyurethane core laminated with polyester resin - and highly addictive in nature; the speed and lines you can draw with the mid length Glider will keep you entertained in anywhere from 1ft and up to 6ft conditions. 

Size breakdown with dimensions here