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Sure, theres no shortage of traction options right now to compliment any new stick. And obviously they come in a vast array of colours, patterns, shapes too - if thats your jam...

We decided ours needed to be functional, monochromatic and low key, starting with a simplistic yet aesthetically-pleasing two piece pad

Designed as the initial offering to our new ACCOUTREMENTS collection; the 'TRACTION - SPLIT' pad uses a foam which is not only soft underfoot, but also astoundingly grippy due to the signature herringbone pattern and its variances in height between the top of the tread and the base of the groove. This variance (of 3mm) allows the foot to sink in and find grip when needed, yet the foam is firm enough to retain its memory and not flatten out over time and abuse.

Each pad comes in at 310mm wide x 295mm high, featuring a 50 degree tail kick at 30mm tall, with a 6mm center arch giving the control necessary to push, drive, whip, stab, slide and glide to your hearts content.

With the abundance of brands using throwaway shrink wrap, sorely complimented by single use plastic hangers - our continuous discussion evolved to a point where we just felt it was time to go and make our own. Yet to do so, meant that we needed to come up with a better way to deliver the humble tail pad.

Neatly slid into a bag that's durable, sealed with a zip lock, and 100% recyclable was intentional. Its purposely designed to live another life. Breathe a sign of relief and use it to store your fins, wax, sunscreen, wet shorts, coins or even house/car fundamentals.

Simply put, a reusable zip lock bag seemed not only practical but also a prelude to doing better. A small step in responsibly releasing a new product; being thoughtful to upcycling and less wasteful. 

Lastly, the bags nylon loop - threaded thru the top - is actually a leash string. Take it off and feel confident in applying to your surfboard. Its been created from offcuts, pulled taut and finished with rubber accents to further alleviate any unravelling under stress (ie. solid days).

View the first installment to our ACCOUTREMENTS collection here.