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Handsome, artistic and always wearing a giant smile, Santa Cruz’s vibrant goofy-footed Noah Wegrich, is one of California’s brightest underground, freesurfing talents. We caught up with the young man and spit-shot some random questions his way to get acquainted. Without further ado: Meet Waggy…


Haydenshapes: So, Noah. You grew up in Santa Cruz, California. Talk about a surf town with some real history! Who were your heroes, or who did/do you look up to around town?

Yeah, Santa Cruz is heavy, soooo many legends. But if I had choose…I’d have to say my Dad (Mark Wegrich), Adam Replogle, Randy Bonds, Nate Tyler and Wilem Banks.

Describe your favorite wave, or something you’d be happy surfing for the rest of your life…

Really, any wedge or slab. Better yet, a wedge-slab would be pretty ideal [laughs]. I just love the rogue-style waves where you never know what’s going to happen. Unpredictable waves, ya know?



Tell me about a moment lately when you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt…

It might be kind of inside, but recently, my girlfriend told me that a lighting bolt had hit a sand dune which turned into glass, which was how mirrors were invented. Might be true, but I laughed my ass off for some reason.

What’s the last thing that you saw that was so beautiful, it you left you speechless?

I think that’d be looking at the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, Spain last winter. The architecture is so wild with all the stained glass with light rays shooting through… it’s just insane.

Outside of surfing, what are you into, creatively?

Really, I just love skateboarding, art and music. I spent two months in Europe last winter and became obsessed with all three. Somehow, they all go hand in hand…maybe it’s the lines you choose in each, but yeah, those are my passions outside of surfing.

What’s a secret in life that you feel like you’ve recently figured out…

Moderation is key and less is more.



If you could live anywhere else besides Santa Cruz where would it be?

I think it’d be Portugal. Probably, because Portugal is very similar to where I live in Santa Cruz [laughs].

What’s your all time favorite surf video part?

Fuck, I love surf movies, so it’s very hard to pick a favorite film let alone part…If I had to though, just because it’s on my mind fresh, maybe Nate Tyler’s latest edit for Haydenshapes in “Bending Water.”

What’s your all time favorite non surf film?

“Minions.” It’s just funny, happy and perfect to fall asleep to.

Talk to me about the boards you normally love to ride…

I tend to ride shorter, wider boards. I had a 5’6” moon-tail twinny from Travis Reynolds that I took to Indonesia that went really good! But when I’m at home, I am generally on a 5’7” swallow-tail with the wide point pushed forward, which is really good for airs and going fast in average surf. If the waves are pumping, though, I’ll take a round-pin 6’1” blade with sharp rails.

As far as my Haydenshapes, I really love the Holy Grail. I surf a 5’7” that’s super fast and skateboard-like. Which is my favorite style of surfboard [laughs]. I also jumped on a Hypto Krypto and it was amazing in the tube and for catching waves. The entry is so easy on that thing. Lastly I’ve also ridden the Untitled, which is probably my favorite out of all three. The Untitled is so fast and a good mix between the Hypto and the Holy Grail; sort of had the best of both worlds between the two.





Noah Wegrich

Photographer: Perry Gershkow