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Noel Salas Fell in Love with the New White Noiz PE-C
And who could blame him?


Described as an everyday performance shortboard designed around Craig Anderson’s feedback and expertise, the White Noiz is a playfully versatile model that has since become a Haydenshapes top seller. With impressive sensitivity for all styles of high-performance surfing, the White Noiz was crafted to suit Craig Anderson as a performance shortboard with “clean and simple” in its DNA. Best ridden 1-2inches shorter, as its plan shape has a little more surface area around the 12” marks in the nose and tail, the White Noiz rides best in waves from 1-4ft (waist to head and half high).




Of course, that’s just what we say about the shape. 


But one man that’s got a certain way of expertly articulating how a board rides—while doubly letting his own surfing do the talking—Noel Salas just dropped a stunning review of our updated White Noiz in the all new PE-C construction. PE-C meaning: a Polyurethane blank with Epoxy lamination and carbon Composite stringer (hence, the “C” in PE-C).


Toggling between two sizes in PE-C (a 5’8” / 18.62” / 2.25”/ 24.95L and a 5’9” / 18.75” /  2.25” / 25.5L) to get a sense of what dims and volume work best in a variety of wave sizes, what really surprised Noel was the sheer consistency in the two sizes of White Noiz—something he credits to the PE-C construction (a new addition to Haydenshapes’ technology line up).


So, what exactly does this PE-C tech offer…beyond a different-looking kind of stringer? According to Noel, it’s a superior torsional flex offering better pop in comparison to a normal wood stringer. A torsional flex and pop that lasts way longer for the life of the board in the PE-C, as opposed to a wood stringer that can warp and weaken. Noel also noticed more pop and projection, and that while transitioning between the 5’8” and 5’9” and back to the 5’8”, how he could feel the consistency in the design, pop and flex between the two models, something he hadn’t felt before when toggling between other shaper’s surfboards of the same model. This was owed to the PE-C construction.


Or, as Mr. Salas says, “PE-C? Solid in my book.”


But why don’t you just watch the review for yourself. He sure makes us want to hop on one!





Click here View the White Noiz V2 

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