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Cruiser Teal

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Model Overview

The Haydenshapes Atelier Cruiser is where user-friendly meets fun and has a 4-hour-long surf together. A full volumed, 2+1 design made of traditional PU polyester materials, the Cruiser is tailormade for the beginner to intermediate level of surfer and brings both flow and stability to your game. With ample volume the Cruiser paddles like a dream and its wider nose planshape makes it easy to find your feet on the wave and, well—cruise. Its pin tail design also gives you great hold when gliding or drawing flowing lines on the open wave face. 

SKILL LEVEL - Beginner to Intermediate
The Cruiser is handcrafted for beginner to intermediate level surfers, which is precisely why we’ve upped the volume and overall dims in order to make them user-friendly. If you lean more toward the beginner level, go with the higher-volume shape—you’ll catch waves easier.

CONDITIONS – Easier Conditions 
The Cruiser is an everyday model designed to catch a variety of waves in non-threatening conditions. The full-volumed design easily catches waves and generates speed down the line at your local beach break—or at any other wave where you’d like to cruise.

From soft beach breaks to user-friendly reefs and points, the Cruiser’s wider nose planshape helps you to glide through sections and draw stylish lines at any location where it’s ideally less than overhead-high.


The Haydenshapes 2+1 - 7" Future fin. The 2+1 7-inch Centre gives you a flowing feel with plenty of pivot around the fin during turns. To create a little extra speed, a 2+1 set-up can be arranged, giving the board a blend of the thruster feel with the traditional single fin setup

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