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Arsham X Haydenshapes Eroded Surfboard


Arsham x Haydenshapes Eroded Surfboard

A functional eroded “crystalized” surfboard by Arsham and Haydenshapes featuring quartz and selenite detailing. Made using traditional surfboard foam, resin and fiberglass, it’s the untraditional and experimental construction methods that make it so one of a kind. The brief; incorporate Arsham’s fictional archeological erosions in 3D physical form and replicate a similar feel and function of a traditional surfboard. The result is a typical shortboard weight and shape, featuring eroded hollow sections scattered internally throughout the board beneath a clear polished fiberglass shell (windows).

Each Eroded Surfboard comes boxed with a wall hanger, branded Haydenshapes x Arsham fins, art handling gloves and a holographic label verifying it's edition number and authenticity. 

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