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Haydenshapes manufacture surfboards in two countries – Australia (custom) and Thailand (stock program) and has office headquarters in Sydney and Los Angeles. Regardless of the location, all Haydenshapes surfboards are each handcrafted and created from the same manufacturing processes and custom designed materials, created for Haydenshapes only. These materials are shipped from around the world, including the likes of Australia, Italy, Japan and the USA.

Haydenshapes flagship custom factory is located in Mona Vale, Sydney, Australia – the same town in which the brand was conceived in 1997 and has been in business for 20 years.

Through our in-house custom facility, Hayden works with the team on creating product for research and development, new model concepts, team boards, special brand projects along with surfboards for customers with unique specification requirements ie. width, length, colour or for those who simply wish to buy local made product. Through this location, we manufacture the entire Haydenshapes model range in all specs (including standard specs) and those not stocked in our global retail stock program.

The Haydenshapes global retail stock is built at Cobra, Thailand, in the most advanced surfboard and windsurfing manufacturing facility in the world. The Haydenshapes production line was set up and created at Cobra by Hayden himself, who not only trained the manufacturing team, but spent more than 1 year of travel back and forth to perfect quality with the goal of achieving the highest level of product consistency possible.

“My aim is to deliver a product to consumers that is high quality and consistent. There is nothing worse than breaking your favourite board and knowing that you will never get the same thing again. Many major brands outsource to third-party factories for different manufacturing processes (glassing, lamination etc), which means the product ends up being completely different depending on where it is made – this is known. My goal is to have full control of our manufacturing and ensure the product is replicated as closely as possible and is the same no matter where it is purchased. Our Thailand manufacturing program is something I am extremely proud of and helps us achieve not only high quality, but enables us to service the global demand for our product.”


The Haydenshapes retail stock program, which includes our best selling models only in key sizes, is distributed by Global Surf Industries – the worlds leading distributor of surfboards and allows us to reach our customers far and wide. Haydenshapes Custom, our full model range, is currently manufactured in Australia and is distributed in-house by us.

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