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New Wave Vision

To mark the brands 20th year comes New Wave Vision. A book about creating something and a candid chronicle of two decades of Haydenshapes from the early days of conception to today with first hand contributions from some of the most influential names in innovation and creative business.

“In this day and age I think it is so valuable to share what you know because young people are taking risks and starting businesses more than ever. It’s not just about surfing, it’s about creating in general and the realities you face in the process. It doesn’t put myself or anyone else on a pedestal. It actually shows the human side that people don’t see all that often and the moments that nearly break you. Personally, I have learned a lot from listening to the experiences of others. In addition to my take on things, New Wave Vision also includes contributions from my interviews with from skater Tony Hawk, fashion designer Karen Walker, the co-founder of Google Maps Noel Gordon, founder of Oakley and founder of Red cameras Jim Jannard, Creator of Aēsop Dennis Paphitis, and Paul Naude of Vissla. These people have innovated and changed industries and having them contribute and be so candid was incredible. The book is more experience driven than anything else. The idea isn’t to gloss over the realities, lessons and challenges faced when you have an idea, back yourself and build from the ground up.” – HC

Hard cover Available online here (ship globally) and in all leading book stores Australia Wide. E-book version is available on iTunes & Kindle.

Published by Simon and Schuster Australia.