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Having time to kill in the windy streets of San Francisco, led to Jake Kelley and filmer buddy; Taylor Curran making the decision to hightail it out of the city and down to Ocean Beach in an attempt to find their breath and get their feet wet, before making the several hours drive back to Ventura.

Anyone familiar with OB knows it is notorious for its less than idyllic conditions and being somewhat hazardous to the inexperienced. Therefore a 'quick paddle' to refresh after a days activities takes a little planning, along with a dash of courage. 

With storms rolling down from Oregon producing typically larger than usual swells accompanied by year round cold-to-freezing water temps, continual onshore winds, crazy tidal shifts caused by the sheer amount of water moving in and out below the Golden Gate - and the unpredictable rips this also creates - then at some point of the afternoon, the onset of the infamous bay area fog rolling in; Ocean Beach's reception toward those looking for an easy time can be somewhat unnerving and downright frustrating.

A brand-new Hypto Krypto arriving direct from Sydney, built in his personalised Blue Tile colourway (complete with a Falconry photo of his dad shot by friend, Logan Rauhut inlaid onto the base) was the only reason Jake needed to make the effort in ditching the city, commute through 30 mins of traffic and try his hand at some cold, windy onshore junk before dark.

Twenty minutes into the session and the planing capabilities of the Hypto in the washy conditions provided the stoke Jake was looking for - rewarding him with one solid blast! And so, with a decent punt captured on camera and a setting sun on the horizon, it was time for the boys to call it a day and consider the strike mission complete; gorging on warm street tacos and ice-cold beers before the long hike home.

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