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RAVEN | A New Model With Dion Agius

After two years in the making and previous launch date attempts plagued by a pandemic, HAYDENSHAPES is proud to release ‘Raven’.  A modern shortboard that brings back the 90’s carve and a new signature model with Dion Agius.

“Several years back, prior to a trip to Indo; Hayden and i began concepting ideas and developing prototypes that allowed me to work more on my turns. These various iterations have evolved quite a bit since the first board - finally becoming the latest version RAVEN. My boards have always been more suited for taking off and racing to try airs - so we began fine tuning this one to be faster than any shortboard I’ve ridden previously, whilst finding a balance between drive and being forgiving on rail” - Dion

Best suited to 3ft+ conditions and designed to be put on rail; Dion wanted his signature model to ride effortlessly in everyday conditions, then seriously flare when the waves present themselves.

Photo: Respondek

A curved rocker allows for everyone from the intermediate to experienced surfer to drive through their turns. A low-medium entry rockerline allows for ease of paddling with the ability to pick up speed instantly, whilst a medium tail rocker transitioning into a swallow tail produces tighter carves.

Dion’s new signature shortboard infuses the balance between high performance, with plenty of release and pop - yet calls-upon design features which allow for that on-rail surfing we all covet.

Photo: Respondek

Built in durable, lightweight PE construction (ie. PU core with epoxy lamination) we deliver each board complete with a signature Pampass resin pigment base & rail line. 

In addition, friend to Dion; Melbourne-based artist Bradley Pinkerton has contributed some original flavour to the RAVEN model release with four special edition art options, each available via

Photo: Respondek

RAVEN | A New Model With Dion Agius: Filmed by Dave Fox. Edited by Dion Agius and Kai Neville.

View the RAVEN collection here