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podcast and UK based ‘We Are Looking Sideways’  keen to meet up with Hayden on his upcoming trip to Sydney. After a bit of back and forth on email locking in and changing dates, Matt and Hayden got together for a candid chat on everything Haydenshapes from design to branding, athletes, manufacturing along and growing the business from a small factory in Mona Vale to where it is today – not without mentioning – some key lessons, realities and failures.

Listen to Hayden’s full 1 hour long interview below.



Listen to Hayden’s full 1 hour long interview below.



Whilst Matt was around, Hayden took him on a tour of our custom factory in Sydney. Check out the bonus content and commentary:




Keen to hear more about the story behind the brand, purchase a signed copy of Hayden’s book New Wave Vision which chronicals 20 years of Haydenshapes.

You can also listen to more podcast interviews across surfing and other action sports at