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Vissla are big on craftsmanship and bringing light to the  processes behind building and creating things with your hands. Their content series ‘Start to Finish’ is one we are very fond of so when Hayden was invited to be a part of it he was extremely stoked. The crew shot a behind the scenes look at Hayden’s thoughts, processes and theories whilst getting his hands dirty at our Sydney custom factory, our brand headquarters and where new models, art and global R&D takes place.

Around 40% of Haydenshapes product is produced here and shipped out to service our custom orders all over the world. The other 60%,  our best selling models and key sizes are produced through our manufacturing partner, Cobra, Thailand and created with the same materials and by the same processes.

The following clips (part 1 and 2)  invite you along for a ‘fly on the wall’ view behind the scenes…

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the series on the Vissla site. 

Part One: Hayden’s wearing this (or similar vibe) tee, shorts and hat by Vissla, Rayban opticals, Nike iD footwear.