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Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Dylan Graves, Nate Tyler, Jake Kelley, Micky Clark and Shama Beckford. Our team is a tight crew of surfers that influence, inspire and contribute to our brand DNA.

The Haydenshapes original, Craig Anderson has been riding for the brand since his Grom years and from the time he first arrived on the Australian shores of Newcastle, at 15, from South Africa. As Hayden’s design muse, we’ve seen ‘Ando’ rise into becoming arguably the most influential free surfer of today.

Craig Anderson is also the co-founder of clothing company Former.


Dion Agius is an icon and pioneer of freesurfing for the digital age. Creatively articulate, he’s isn’t confined to boundaries when it comes to his surfing and style and is known for his key parts in films like Globe’s ‘Secret Machine’, ‘Strange Rumblings’, projects with Kai Neville not to mention his personal film creations like ‘The Smiling Bag’. There is a lot to be learned from and admired about Dion and his influence and contribution to the creative culture of surfing all over the world.

Dion is the co-founder and creative lead of eyewear brand Epøkhe and his co-founder of Octopus traction.


Raised among the towering redwoods and crisp, clean coastal air, Central California’s Nate Tyler was always a different breed of surfer from his citified cohorts to the south. Earthy, artistic and wildly talented, he’s one of the few these days (but not foreign to the HS team) to stray from the comp jersey and forge his career through free surfing. He’s also a sculpter, and creates bespoke commissioned pieces mostly from repurposed metal.


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, free surfer Dylan Graves is known for stylish surfing in high performance sand bars – synonymous to his local island home and spots like Playa Jobos. He’s probably one of the most charitable surfers out there – always donating his time and energy to worthy stuff, loves a ‘Lord of the Rings’ metaphor and is constantly travelling and creating content for his site


Jake Kelley might be one of Central California’s best hidden secrets. He’s spent the last 5 years sneaking his way into huge pipe waves, and finding empty slabs and frozen air sections all over the globe. He is 100% surfer through and through, guaranteed to push himself over the ledge when he may or may not be too deep, and will commit to landing in the flats when he probably shouldn’t. Narrow stanced with an affinity for scary looking tubes and big air sections, Jake’s mindset is something we can get behind.


Ventura California has been a known breeding ground for power surfers and aerialists alike, Micky Clark is no exception. He manages to intertwine the two, and do them both with aggression and speed. If you find a clip of him surfing, it will indefinitely be to hardcore punk or heavy metal. Micky looks angry while riding a wave, always exciting, always fast, but and always doing it with a smile. He’s big, powerful, and almost intimidating to watch, but the most humble kid you could meet.


Shama, also known as Superman, is not your everyday surfer. Originating from Bull Bay in Jamaica, Shama has crafted his relaxed goofyfoot approach to surfing on his own accord. Oozing creativity growing up in a home with his two parents being artists, he writes and records his own music, skateboards and paints.

He’s of only a few surfers in Jamaica and his passionate about his roots. “Whatever I do, though, whether in surfing, music, or art — I try not to conform to what’s acceptable or normal. It has to be different.”